Title Screen for the Mythbusters Video Games Special

Discovery's Mythbusters Video Games special logo made to appear like an old-school 16-bit video game menu. The fonts are mostly mono-spaced and using terminal-like fonts. About one-quarter from the top is the title "MYTHBUSTERS" in large, bold, yellow, mono-spaced type with red outline around each of the characters. Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are represented by 16-bit game caricatures where their heads are covering the title and their hands are folded across their chests. Under the title and hosts is bold, red text with a large red outline reading "VIDEO GAMES" and in white text at the bottom is "Press Start." The background is black space filled with white plus-shaped blue and white stars and a dark blue gradient that becomes opaque at the bottom.

Discovery’s Mythbusters Video Games Special Title Screen

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