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Screenshot of dark gray and black responsive WordPress theme featuring a customizable large featured image and two smaller images to the right above a set of four columned text areas with icons.
Screenshot of “Website” Responsive WordPress theme by kubasto from ThemeForest

After going without a website for quite a while I finally put up a new site that I will use for public posting of items just in general as well as for technology posts (instead of just spitting out status updates on Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn). I did not (and still don’t) have much available time but I am going to add updates when I can. I also struggled to figure out what design I wanted to use. After putting together a number of crummy simple themes that I was never happy with I finally came to my senses. I am not a designer. While I can put together themes using SEO enhancement, interactive elements, and database-driven applications I can not make them look good. So I purchased this theme to use after digging through thousands of various themes I finally settled on this one. It has a good combination of enhancements and design options that I like; It is the “Website” (yes, a very generic name but it fits) theme by kubasto.


Another reasons is to start showing showcasing some of the small side-projects I am working on. I work on a number of large projects over time as well as help others out both online and IRL (in real life) as well as contribute code, bug reports, and fixes to open-source and freely available repositories from time to time. I have my own git repository with a couple of small JavaScript libraries on BitBucket that I will add to as well as my Stack Overflow account I am using to help people out with smaller scripting and database issues. I will also post my own thoughts on various topics in life as well as science, technology, programming (along with some code snippets), and possibly a few others from time to time. Finally I also plan to feature and show off a few projects from time to time which this theme seems to support rather well.

So check back as there will be a number of updates and changes to this site in the near and long term!

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