Carbon Nanotube Filtering Breakthrough

Carbon nanotubes, microscopically-thin wires of carbon atoms, can be produced in sufficient quantity but not sufficient quality for electronics. They often include a bundle of wires where some are conductive, like the power wires going from your computer to the wall outlet, and some are semiconducting — the kind needed for processing information. Science Daily […] Read more

Superconductivity Evolves

Every so often it is reported that a new type of superconductivity or a new material that can super-conduct past a certain energy is discovered. The difference between the previous energy level and the new is typically relatively small — usually within a few single digits of the last (sort by the Tc (K) field). […] Read more

British Grandma Rules GTA 5

ritish grandma is put in front of a computer to play Grand Theft Auto V with hilarious results! She is kicking ass (after running out of bubble-gum), taking names, and out-swearing sailors and yelling “DIE! DIE! DIE!” while shooting rockets at cars, people, and buildings!